IA Method

IA method is used to Calculate the target score for the team batting second in a limited over match interrupted by rain or other circumstances. It is easier than DLS method.
During World Cup 2019, many matches were affected by rain. DLS method was used to get the result of those matches . I was not satisfied with the target score set by DLS method for few matches. I thought this method set an impossible target. I started thinking. After a week I have developed new formula to calculate target score.



Condition 1

Team 1 scored 300 in 50 overs and lost of wickets are 5.

If match is delayed due to rain and reduced the overs to 40.

Then the team 2 will have to chase 282 in 40 overs according to my calculation.

Team 1: 300/5 in 50 overs

Team 2: Target score: 282 in 40 overs

Condition 2

Team 1 scored 300 in 50 overs and lost of wickets is 5.

If Team 2 played 35 overs and made 220 and Rain stopped game totally.

Then we will have to calculate target score for 35 overs.

Target Score will be : 262

So, Team 2 lost the match by 42 runs.

Condition 3

If Team 1 scored 230/6 in 46 overs.

Rain stopped the game and not possible to continue the 1st innings.
And match referee decides to reduce the over to 46 for Team 2.

Then the target score will be 258 for Team 2 in 46 overs.

Team 1: 230/6 in 46 overs

Team 2: Target score: 252 in 46 overs